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Re: The other end of the mommy wars!

I was a SAHM for most of the years I was married to my ex-H. I did not go to college until it became evident that our M was not going well and I wanted a different plan. I do not regret that I was home with them. I learned to be frugal and my bills were always paid, kids had food, clothes, shelter, and toys. I should rephrase that since I grew up poor and I had already learned to stretch money and make the most of things from my mother, in my own childhood.

I did start working soon after marrying my current H (by then I had earned my BS degree). I continued to earn a Master's and I was very busy in those days, and part of me regrets the time I did not spend with the kids in those years, but really I think it was the only way we could afford to get by.

Then my kids started to grow up and leave one by one and I earned a Ph.D. Now I work fully from home (ironic) make a good living, and I am also able to spend lots of time with my grandkids because of my flexible schedule working from home.
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