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Re: New Thread for Seeking Sensibility

Seeking Sensibility You said Ďhurt each other". In that, do you mean that I hurt people, also?
No, I meant your inlaws and others like my DIL who hurt others for their own specific gains

Did you read all of it? I was in a bad place then.

Yes I did, and was shocked at your MIL's behavior, of course you were in a bad place, all you want to do is get along, yanno??? and when your (your meaning anyone) rejected it hurts, it says, you did something to hurt me, I don't like you and on and on. I believe your MIL has problems that can never be fixed.

I'm terribly sorry, but she's to old and to self imposed to care about the feelings of others. By the way, did she go to counseling with you and your husband?

I donít remember everything that I said. I said things during counseling about my mil, but it was fractional in comparison to my thread. She has said and done things that have hurt me. In respect to her overall character, I did not tell the story of what I thought was the worst. What do you think was the worst?
I cannot say which is worse then the other, to me, her actions were quit candidly driven by money, and self imposition, only caring about results and not the feelings of others, to the extent of controlling their lives.

Iím quite certain that I acknowledged the fact that you are indeed not my mil. It pains me to think that you read all of that garbage with a comparison note. Why would you do that?
Because in a few of your posts, you mentioned to me in response, that, "That is something my MIL would say", or That is how my MIL would think"

I felt that I made a comparison in only the context of our discussion. I drew a mil/dil comparison based on your rhetorical need to send a rhetorical birthday card in the midst of chaos.
To me, and please understand, this doesn't make you right and me wrong, or visa versa.

we were both raised to believe differently. call it our own personal cultures & this is where a lot of problems start by not being able to understand that when other's disagree, they are not attacking your character, it's how they were raised to think and feel, it's all they know?

I was raised to send birthday cards, thank you cards and/or a call to say thank you, & anniversary cards. It was considered to be impolite to not send cards in those days, at least in my own families culture.

About a year before my DIL's birthday, I was still very angry with her and didn't know what I was going to do but as her birthday drew closer, I couldn't not send her a card and birthday present? That would have been vindictive, mean and insulting. I sent her husband and daughter a birthday card with money. That to me would have been SO wrong.

I have only tried to tell you that (over and over again) if your dil has a problem with you, address it. Based on your posts, it sounds to me that you have had plenty opportunities to do so, but declined. This is the only comparison. She is angry with you. Itís your job to remedy the issue. Youíre the one at a loss. This is what I have been trying to say to you. Your son loves his wife. If you have a problem with her, you need to fix it. My story is only a representation of how bad it can get when a mil refuses to take accountability, thatís the only comparison. Again, you are not my mil.
I understand completely what your saying. That would work with most people (DIL's) but when I tried to discuss it with her, I didn't get thru the first sentance and she went balistic on me, accussing me of hurting her...she was yelling at me..."You hurt me"...and I was set back by her anger and yelling..I'm not used to counselor said, it was her way of manipulating the conversation...she wouldn't allow me any time to tell her my points of view...she didn't want to discuss it, and by yelling, it's her way of manipulating me into forgetting what I was saying and taking control of the conversation.

I lost all train of thought and became speechless, didn't even think to say "Well, Dil please calm down and discuss this...what did I do to hurt you". I'm ashamed to admit this...but stupid ol me, started to cry like a freakin baby... I hated that, I hated that she saw me weak...and while I was crying she said, "I don't know that I could ever trust you again". But, I was so upset, I couldn't even think, so I never said, "What did I do that you can't trust me?".

You see, her own mother walked in and out of her life like a revolving door. She'd be gone for years, and then come back again. Her one sister and her, are friends for a while, then they get mad at each other and they won't talk to each other for have to understand what this woman went thru when she was son doesn't know everything? But this hurt and abandonment she experienced from little on up, b/c her culture and the only way she knew how to deal with being abandoned. She I believe thought, feared I wouldn't like her, as she has little confidence in, did she reject me, before I could reject her? Only she knows the answers?

I am not used to people yelling. I have MS, it's managable, and not nearly as bad as some, but I forget things quickly and become unraveled when people start yelling at me.

My kind of MS is not dabilitating as of yet, but the 1st attack was severe and left me with nerve damage. There are many people with MS, no two people experience the like.

Cannot stand loud noises. I have memory lapes, need a large amount of sleep, if I don't get sleep, I have focusing issues, slow thinking, and an inability to verbally express myself. And I run from confrontation, b/c it is very upsetting to me. I didn't used to be like this...I was strong and able to fight my own battles and feared nothing.

I repeat things, b/c I can't remember what I've read or written the next day. I watch movies over & over again, b/c I forget them, and yet, there are many issues that have happened in my life, I never forget. There are parts of my life that are complete blanks, that people tell me about. I short circut and unravel.

My son tells me she will never talk to me, and by her returning that card, it upset me for's her way of saying, your not welcome in my life, and If I'm not welcome in her life, what do you think that means for the rest of son, my GD? I bet, my son feels disloyal when he contacts me.

Yanno something...whatever it is I did, my God, it's been 13 years of this. Why continue it? This is nuts...silly, awful and stagnating.

She wants it this way. This way, if they come home, she won't come visit, therefore, neither will my son, and even if he did, can you imagine how guilty he would feel by doing so, and leaving her alone?

And what about my GD....Do you know, I haven't seen my GD in 4 years? Do you know I watched her every single weekend for a year until they moved back down south. They didn't come and visit me the last two times they were home. Can you imagine, what did I do, that was so bad, that I deserve to be hurt like that...not to mention, be treated like this?

I apologize if my response appears to be hard and insensitive. I think youíre okay, though. You, like me, are just looking for answers.
No need to apologize, I do understand where your coming to seemed like you were looking for answers...but please realize, and I can't stress this enough...b/c I'm a MIL, having problems with my DIL, I'm actually the same as you guys, with a generation gap, but I'm not a nasty person.

I'd give anything to have a DIL who I got along with, with whom we were friends...I watch my friends with their DIL's and it makes me so sad....they love each DIL, hates me?

I'm not a mother who is needy...I don't need my son in my life constantly....but I would like a normal relationship with my son, grand daugther and DIL when they are in town and I don't know why, for that short period of time, we can't forgive and forget it and move forward, and just get along.

And when I say, my son's father and step mother are scared to death of her, that she will do the same thing to them, as she has done to me, I'm not exaggerating.

I know my son will always love me...but when a DIL acts as she does...the husband wants peace...he's going to go where she wants to go, and do what she wants to do....when in fact, in the beginning, like I said before, he should have said to both of us...

Do you know, when I'd be around them, I was actually afraid to hug my son, to show him love...I tried so hard to pull her into conversations, and ignore that she wouldn't feel slighted. She wouldn't budge, she would answer yes, or no, and never elaborate on any topic to engage in conversation?

By the way, Please, thanks for the apology but no need for it.

I do appreciate your feedback and understanding and the ability to see things from a DIL's point of view.