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Originally Posted by Cremebrulee View Post
Seeking Sensibility

I read your story, and I must say, your story is utterly deplorable...I cannot believe human beings act that way...and hurt each other that way.
You said ‘hurt each other". In that, do you mean that I hurt people, also? I am not trying to defend myself. To the contrary, I am open to any suggestions as to what I could or should have done differently.
Originally Posted by Cremebrulee View Post
It's nuts, I'm very sorry, but I have no other words to describe it...and I'm sorry you have had to live with this or know this....
I’m surprised that you would take the time to read my story. Did you read all of it? I was in a bad place then. I don’t remember everything that I said. I said things during counseling about my mil, but it was fractional in comparison to my thread. She has said and done things that have hurt me. In respect to her overall character, I did not tell the story of what I thought was the worst. What do you think was the worst?

Originally Posted by Cremebrulee View Post
I am not your mother in law, and am also very sorry you equate me to her...doesn't say much for me, does it.
I’m quite certain that I acknowledged the fact that you are indeed not my mil. It pains me to think that you read all of that garbage with a comparison note. Why would you do that? I felt that I made a comparison in only the context of our discussion. I drew a mil/dil comparison based on your rhetorical need to send a rhetorical birthday card in the midst of chaos.

I have only tried to tell you that (over and over again) if your dil has a problem with you, address it. Based on your posts, it sounds to me that you have had plenty opportunities to do so, but declined. This is the only comparison. She is angry with you. It’s your job to remedy the issue. You’re the one at a loss. This is what I have been trying to say to you. Your son loves his wife. If you have a problem with her, you need to fix it. My story is only a representation of how bad it can get when a mil refuses to take accountability, that’s the only comparison. Again, you are not my mil.

I apologize if my response appears to be hard and insensitive. I think you’re okay, though. You, like me, are just looking for answers.

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