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Re: Is it normal for an ex-wife and a new wife to bond?

Well, I don't think it's common, but I also don't think it's as bad of a thing as you do. My sister was introduced (in a "y'all should date" way) to her now-husband by a friend who was in the process of becoming his ex-wife. It was an amicable divorce (no kids involved) and they are all still friendly and socialize.

I really see two sides to it, to be honest. On one hand, if your brother doesn't change his ways and continues to be abusive, his new wife will have a much needed confidante. On the other hand, maybe the old wife really isn't over your brother and is trying to stay close in hopes of getting him back if this marriage goes south. The part I find interesting is that your brother is still in their old house, and the ex-wife moved out. That makes me think that the divorce wasn't your brother's fault. As much dirt as his ex-wife has on him, he may have more on her. It's really hard to say without knowing the people, but since you know the people I'd say your instincts are probably good.

Originally Posted by Mr Eko View Post
I personally don't like it one bit because it is sending a really bad message to my nieces. They see the three of them together and think that it's perfectly acceptable to play spouse swap.
I don't know about this, either. I think kids of divorce benefit SO much when the parents can all be civil to each other. Depending on the ages of the girls, I doubt they see it as "spouse swap". Kids don't tend to focus on their parents' sexual activities. It's far better for them if there is no jealousy and they don't become pawns parents use to hurt each other. I can imagine it's much less stressful for them if the three parents are friends.
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