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Re: When a dear friend leaves you and you don't understand why

I want to let you know you will survive this and this shall pass. The same thing happened to me with my best-friend. 15+ years relationship. Gone through thick and thin. Towards the end, my life was changing and so was hers. We started to drift away slowly. I felt her de-attachment. I would ask her about it and she wouldn't give me anything. Telling me everything is okay.
She became more moody and her 'real' feelings for me started to surface. I would ask her over and over again, is there something wrong. I sense there was animosity. I couldn't get to her to talk. I realized looking back that her life had changed long ago and she was not as emotional vested as before.
We grew apart and she changed and I realized, I've changed. In fact, she still owes me money and never paid me back.

I understand your trust issue and don't want anyone to get close. The best-friend title means nothing to me anymore. Only person that's my best-friend now is my husband and I have plenty of close friends. I've accepted that people do change and also some people just don't want to talk about how they really feel.

It's tough but you'll get through it. Know that she has her reasons and don't have an expectation that you'll ever get an answer. Give yourself time to heal your heart and some self love. Your heart will let you know when your ready to open up again. You deserve better!

Good luck to you. *Hug*
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