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Re: When a dear friend leaves you and you don't understand why

Originally Posted by Mr Eko View Post
An interesting thing about my now former friend, she still likes and comments on my posts on Facebook like everything is fine. She doesn't seem to get that that is adding insult to injury and only hurting me more. Her comments are nice and all, but they are a reminder of a once great friendship that is over now. And I'm afraid to say anything at all in the comments sections of my posts because she either won't reply or she will get all weird on me. She ignores private messages, phone calls, and texts.
You are probably going to be better off in the long run without her friendship. If she is ignoring you in personal communication but "acting" friendly in public on social media, it seems like she is "telling" you in her own way that she wants the friendship like that - an acquaintanceship, nothing deep, nothing too personal. It hurts, it always hurts when one person feels more than the other person, and wants and needs more from the friendship than the other person is willing to give. I am very sorry because I know how that feels from experience. I hope you will, in time, find a friend or two that have similar friendship goals and needs more aligned with you.
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