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Re: Moving for my in-laws?

Originally Posted by lilly210 View Post
Appreciate your reaching out Chissus!
I'm on the same page and don't think I should either. I know we should be prepared as Kaykay mentioned above. That's a smart thing to do.
His father is 73 years old and Mom is about to approach her 70s. They both caught the flu at the same time. His father health is not the best. He has low blood pressure and is diabetic.
I think they're scared about us not being there if something was to happen. I wouldn't blame them. If I was in their shoes, I probably would be.
My husband and I are going to buy a duplex. To live in one side and rent out the other. Then, if we ever get into a position where we need help in our daily life, we could use the other side for a caregiver to live in as payment.

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