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Re: How to deal with insecurities in a new relationship after divorce

Originally Posted by LucyVanPelt View Post
Hi, Jesspin01,
I didn't reply yesterday because I have never been divorced. I am replyning now because I don't want you to think no one is listening.

As I said, I have never been divorced. My mother, however, went through 2 divorces, another ugly break up, and is now a widow. What I observed is that she brought her past hurts and insecurities into each new relationship, and so did the men.

I'd advise you to really take your time with a new relationship, and seriously consider therapy to both heal and learn how to manage insecurities. When you are ready to commit to a new relationship, you may even consider some pre-marriage counseling to facilitate good communication skills and identify potential areas of conflict and possible solutions, and also to know when differences of opinion are okay!

You have a good heart. You deserve to be in a loving relationship. I am rooting for you!
Hi Lucy,

Thanks for the reply. I didn't think of it, but marriage counseling before marriage is a great idea!! I am in therapy now; twice a month. We talk about all of this almost every session. I want this relationship to last because I really like him. So, I will do what it takes to make it work. Thank for saying such nice things. I really appreciate it. ♥
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