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Re: Did I make a mistake

The reason I feel that this isn't about the other woman is because my wife and I have been here before. Throughout the last 4 years I've felt as if we got married for the wrong reasons. One of our first dates was my brothers' wedding. He is 6 years younger than me and here he was settling down while I was still just finding people to fool around with. We dated for a while and I never really took it seriously. Our relationship was more of an ongoing booty call to me.

After about 4 months I moved in with her. A couple weeks later, we were in a bad car accident where she could've been killed in if it wasn't for the fact that I held onto her. 2 months after that is when I proposed to her. The following summer is when we got married, then a year later my son was born.

I planned on leaving her last winter, but then she found out her mom was terminally ill and we thought she only had a few months left to live. I couldn't leave her at that point because she was already in a bad place. Then, when we found out she was pregnant again, I felt as if I had to stay cause of the baby.

Throughout our entire relationship, I have always been physically and sexually attracted to other women. I would often day dream about things I'd do with people I knew or even people I just seen at the store or in the street. I also flirted with many people, and would visit dating sites and craigslist personals. I never physically cheated, but I always had the desire to.

About 3 months ago is when I realized I was having feelings for this other woman. Since then, I have not even looked at anyone else, much less flirted with them or desired them. When I think of being with her, it's not about sex, but about jst beng with her.
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