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Re: Just need to vent

WO! (and another GULP!!) If there were ever an award for someone that cares about her family - you would def get it. I do feel you are amazing for what you are allowing in your life - if that helps at all. I do mean it.

I suspect a bit of depression for your sis - is there any way to get her to take some fish oil caps? NOT A JOKE. I am way into health and those helped my dh and my dd a few times. Camomile tea (make it iced, she won't even know) it is very calming. Give mom some, too. Maybe push her to waitressing where some of the other students work? Fast cash - and she will know some of the people? I don't know.

Where were they before your place? Any income at all? Assistance of some type? I would have a serious talk with the sister about having her diagnosed so there can be care for her. If not, she has 10 days to find a new place. I just have a feeling you will be taking care of them as well as your new baby...which will be ALOT of work on you.

You could always print your post and leave it forgotten about on the table?

Hope things improve SOON!!
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