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Cold shoulder - wide or skinny - what the &$%* is going on with clothes?

Just a rant...

I once loved those cold shoulder tops...seems like four - five years ago now? ENOUGH! SHOULDERS ARE NOW FROZEN ok? no more please.

Tee shirts that read beach hair don't that right. Don't care if you are bridey, bridey maid, hate Mondays...etc. Mine might say; I don't care! They too, have been done to death. I see NO ONE buying/wearing.

It just seems over done. I think they are cute on little kids: within reason. No wine shirts for the kiddos please. just looks bad. (Get them the WINO SAUR one instead. Has a cute dinosaur holding two glasses of red. Sooo cute!!)

Gots me some great skinny jeans...just in time for the WIDE LEG! ug

Don't care for the overly floral stuff. I am more the tiny flowers on a dark background--which is considered vintage. I just cannot wear something that looks like the print of one of my comforter/draperies/and every else in the room kind of material. I don't look in good in cabbage roses - but my euro shams are killer in them!

I have been hitting poshmark with a vengeance. OMG. I love the stuff. Have my hopes set on tie dye cardigans...they are beautiful - just a size larger :* ( Even looked at a chanel tweed WHAT THE WHAT? $1200 FOR A USED JACKET? Hmmmm… it is really really cute.

I try for New with Tags pieces: ann taylor/Loft, some j crew, etc. Give the seller lots of questions...are there rips? hems undone? button(s) missing? holes? a small nest of spiders? before I actually make the purchase.

brand new...just a season or two back. I love saving me some money!

Recently, I have come out of stores depressed at what they are passing off as fashion. To me it's junk. Not even half way decent junk. Crud. Poopey.

Recently cut up my macy's card. couldn't find a cotton anything. Gosh I miss nice fitted clothes that are made from actual materials that dont read like my apartment pet carpet...

*** of the free. kind of...maybe...not so much.

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