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Re: Grapes and Grandkids

Originally Posted by Knot2loud View Post
We were getting ready to leave for the store yesterday. Grandma put on GDau shoes, then sat down next to her on the step to put her own shoes on...

My 3 year old granddaughter to grandma.

"You're in my bubble grandma."

Gotta love kids... are very fortunate....enjoy this one and only grand daughter is such a strong trooper. Cannot wait to see her, soon I'll be traveling out to see them. She has Type 1 diabetes...but manages the pump pretty well...she is going to be 13. Already, God, where does the time go?

Anyway, when I go out, we get a day alone together, and we go where ever she wants to go...and she said to me...."maybe sometime, I can come up and spend some time with you". I'd love much...she is a joy....

Oh, and guess what, there was a poetry contest, nation wide and she one first prize. $250.00 for her and $1,200 for her teacher for supplies. I'm so proud of her. Asked my son, "hmmm wonder where she gets that from"...he thought for awhile and replied, "Probably Me!" LOL....we both laughed. (I dabbled a little with poetry years ago)
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