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Re: Help desperate for advice

Lucy is right!

It's manipulation on a GRAND scale. GET OUT NOW.

She says, "oh we be besties. we are the real deal" and behind your back she cannot even acknowledge what you did out of concern and love for her and her family" who does that? (mean people that are selfish, I think. she may have some mental issues)

Don't wait until the hurt eats you up and you just go crazy.

Want to really have a "GO" at letting it out? Tell her you saw the phone - since you two are sooooo close you were going to put a "hey there--hi there" type message in it and found some pretty ROTTEN TO THE CORE things she said.

Make a list of what you did, paid for etc. Hand it to her.

You might want to have SOME place to go - somewhere - just in case. Some people do rent extra rooms/cheap bnb.

best of luck!
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