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Re: Cold shoulder - wide or skinny - what the &$%* is going on with clothes?

I guess I'm behind the times! I just got three "cold shoulders" shirts. My H informed he does not like them and prefers a regular tank top. I want to force him to like them since I bought them, ha ha.

I wish skinny jeans would go away and stay away. I don't mind some that are fairly fitted all the way to the ankles but the things in stores are made for skeleton sized legs, or they stretch over legs that are a bit bigger and then just plain don't look good.

I am a size 4/5 but normal misses' size 4 are often too big. Junior sizes are sometimes okay but...I am 59 and don't want to dress like a teen but also don't want to dress like an old lady (even though I am one, lol).
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