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Is it me or is this a red flag?

To keep it short , I am a woman with no children or debut issues . I started dating my older ex again after we broke up for disagreeing on his behaviour. Second time trying this again I have noticed he is splitting assets with his 29 yr old son ( they live together) . His pay goes into the young mans account which I thought was odd for a grown man . As I felt it was not my place to say anything I have kept quiet 🤫... a few weeks ago My BF said we should buy a condo across the street from his son and let the son keep the other place... I thought it was disturbing as if hes in a relationship he needs to cut the umbilical cord.
This week I was informed that they are going to share vehicles also, I was honest with BF in that for someone coming into the unit this was viewed as unusual and if it was going to be the two of them That wont work for me . He admitted he has daddy guilt issues

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