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Re: Transitioning to "adult" children!

None of my adult children have ever lived with me, but as I have posted elsewhere, my youngest was in a situation where he was not properly paying his bills and "needing a lot of help" from me to maintain his place on his own. I once got angry at him when he tried to actually brag about how he "didn't live in his mother's basement" like so many of his peers. Well living in mother's basement is not worse than living in your "own" so-called house that you would lose if your mother didn't make sure the payments and taxes got paid.

Now he is married and he is her problem and that is the way I want it to stay. Don't get me wrong; I want them to be happy together and not really be a "problem" to each other but I will say out loud that I'm glad he has somebody else to share the responsibilities in that household and I hope to never be that involved again. I know it is a situation I willingly got myself into but also one I'm glad that I (hopefully) have gotten out of.
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