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Well, my DS got engaged last night. I did know this was about to happen but now I am a little surprised they are saying the tentative date is on Easter, April 1st!

What this means is I will be (hopefully) OUT OF HIS FINANCES forever. They will get a joint account and they will either sink or swim together, financially.

As I said before, she is NOT the type to let utility bills go unpaid, I hate to keep bringing it up, but to me that is an extreme show of irresponsibility for a single father with half time custody of his children. So I really believe that some things will be much better after they are married. It is funny how this thread got a little side tracked into the back issues as I really started it based on the scene that happened over me getting the kids "too much stuff" for Christmas. Anyway, thanks to you all for listening and providing thoughtful insights and understanding! (and maybe even a little tough love).
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