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Smile Re: Cut ties with sisters but they won't give up

Hi Kayleesmum, I can relate to your story very well. I too have come from a family of alcoholic parents and a very disfunctional family. I would say because of my parents addiction, we didnt even have a family. We were quite isolated from others,due tot the fact my parents spent every other second of the day drinking. Both my parents were estranged from their siblings.

In my adult years I cut contact with my parents,as I had my own family to look after and I didnt want that around them. My Aunt tried to repair our relationship and she was a hard one get it through to that sometimes things have gone too far and cannot be fixed. She was angry at me when I said I didnt want to continue a relationship with her,as I didnt feel close to her etc....she got angry but eventually got the message.

I reckon stick to your guns with who you want to associate with, dont listen to those relatives that want you to meet up or go to their place etc,just be firm and say you are not going. Do what you want to do,and what you feel comfortable with.....some things are too far gone to be repaired. If I didnt feel comfy with them I would not be having anything to do with them.

If your daughters are adults, Id let them make up their own minds about these rellys, and just keep your distance from them,thats all you can do.

Im sure there are many people who understand what you have been through, you are not alone...
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