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Interesting..I think I like it here now

I moved from WA state to AZ, and now I am really liking the weather. I still miss my family and friends, but to be honest? I didn't see my kids(all grown now)all that much. I do miss the fact that they could drop by if they wanted to, but now one lives in the city, and the other would live at least 25 minutes away and in traffic in the Seattle area that could easily be an hour depending on the time of day. They didn't drop by all the often, and I think sometimes I grieve for what could've of been, might've been.

But its not....and now? I am getting involved in my support group, meeting people that have my condition, getting involved in a fundraiser. And loving the weather without gray skies and all that dang rain.
Plus, I am blessed. I can fly to SEA anytime I want. I fly for free on my airline, and have friends that have no problem putting me in a guest room for a couple of nights. I have my car still up there, but maybe I dunno, maybe sell it?
Its a good WA car and it serves me well in the summer time when the weather is so dang hot here in AZ.

Is it wrong to not mind being so far away from my kids and my new grand-daughter?

Elaine? I lost your email addy, so I cannot send the pic of my new baby GD.

thoughts? I guess I need some opinions and reassurances.

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