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Re: Daughter dating a 'loser'

Thanks so much for writing to me...
Arggggg the guy has some good things about him, but at 33 he has lots of things against him too.
I hope this is just a lesson in her life...she could have soooooooo much more.
My daughter listens to me quite a bit, which Im so glad for (I have been single parent with her for 17 years).
You want so much to see your kids do well...
I dont want her to be on the side of poor(we have been scraping by forever).
I want to move from here...Im hoping she will come too.
I sure hope he doesnt hitchike with her...and to some wild festival.
Its like my worst nightmare...
I told her to always have enough money on her to be independant if someone should let her down, or be miserable to her...and a cell phone.
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