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Re: Daughter dating a 'loser'

Oh, Becky I had to laugh at your 'possessed' remark! You think I haven't had that enter my mind as well?

The rest of what you said is exactly mine and daughter/daughter and loser guy's situation too...minus the child.

My daughter usually pretends to me her guy is prefect, but she finally ends up admitting they fight over things she says are none of my business - so I have no idea what she finds is worth fighting about. She ends up saying they worked it out and now all is fine though no matter what it was. I try to tell her so many disagreements at the beginning of a relationship should tell her to let it go! She won't hear of it.

Before my daughter met this guy she thought anyone who did drugs was a loser. This guy tells her he used to do all sorts of drugs but he's clean now...uh huh, I run a background check on him and find out he has a recent drug record! Just 2 misdemeanors for Pot and paraphenalia, but I showed it to daughter. Her answer, So what? Everyone makes mistakes.

I'd believe he might be off drugs if he wasn't constantly going without sleep and boucing off the walls all the time. She says if he was still doing any he's tell her because they have an honest relationship! I asked her why he didn't tell her he had a drug record. She went and asked him about it and he said, guess what? It wasn't his drugs.

Daughter also used to have nothing for anyone who would drink and drive. This guy came to our house for dinner so we could meet him and he drank 12 beers and a half a fifth of scotch in about 6 hours. He drank most of it toward the end and started slurring his speach, then he left after getting ticked off at me for offering him coffee and to sit for awhile. He was offended! You know he was over the legal limit to drive, but did my daughter think it was wrong for him to be out driving like that? Nope! She said he could hold it! She'd seen him drink more! And he was fine.

Where does her brain go when she's with this loser? An alternate universe?

She also has always had a dreaded fear of knives. This guy carries a huge fish gutting knife on his belt that has this keen thing where the sheath turns it into a switchblade function. Daughter has no qualms about his carrying it at all times. She feels safe. I don't.

I don't know if your daughter does this or not, but mine tells boyfriend everything I say about their relationship. She did the same thing with her last loser before this one. I think she bonds with them that way. Shared enemy.

Good luck with your daughter too! I hope both our daughters get their heads straight soon!
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