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Re: adult daughter driving me crazy!

Originally Posted by lv3313 View Post
I don't know how I make her understand I have had enough and she needs to grow up and take on the responsibilites for herself. Any suggestions out there???
Hi lv3313,
I don't know that you can make her understand; you just have to do. It sounds like you have been her safety net for a long time. She needs to learn to fly without the net- something she has to learn on her own.

You are right that your relationship with your daughter shouldn't be a negative influence on the other relationships in your life, especially with your husband and especially at this point in your life.

Obviously you should be a mental support for your daughter while she is battling cancer. I'm sure this has been difficult for the entire family. It's good to hear she's doing well.

I think the short answer is "No".


DD: Mom, I need you to xyz.....
YOU: No. Sorry, I can't, you need to do that for yourself.
DD: Mom, can you please.....
YOU: No. That's your responsiblity. I love you, but you need to take care of that on your own.

I know it's easier said than done and I certainly can't claim to have been in your shoes. But, I do wish you and your family good luck. Strength to you and your daughter during this difficult time.

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