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Re: adult daughter driving me crazy!

Originally Posted by lv3313 View Post
My daughter is 41 a single mom of 2 boys age 11 and 5.
She depends on me for everything that goes wrong in her life. I have helped her raise the oldest boy, of course, he and his mom do not get along. I have given her a place to live in my mom's house and she only has to pay for the utilities, She calls me everytime something goes wrong, even discipline with the boys and then the oldes calls me crying about his mom. And now on top of all this, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec. and I have helped her through Chemo( she's actually doing good) and now comes radiation/ Because I have done so much for her, I have caused problems with the other siblings and my husband as well, who is her stepfather..I don't know how I make her understand I have had enough and she needs to grow up and take on the responsibilites for herself. Any suggestions out there???
That's great that you could do so much for your daughter. Good for you. And everyone must be delighted that she is battling the cancer so well.

If i've read this right, apart from the recent health issues, her biggest ongoing problem is her parenting skills or lack of them.

Perhaps your best way to help her at the moment would be to get her to enrol in parenting classes or seminars. If she gets on top of her boys' behaviour, she might get the confidence to deal with some of the other things. Good luck.
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