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Re: Engaged after 7 months

Originally Posted by LucyVanPelt View Post
Well, you're certainly right that a lot has changed in the last 35 years.

There's an old saying, "Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst." I don't know if you'll be able to console her if the worst happens, but I hope so. She certainly needs a friend like you.
Shes a very sweet girl, very excited, friendly, bubbly a little gem really..... It was very sad when her long term partner died, a big shock for all of us. He treated her like his queen and was very loving to her. He was a lovely guy and they were together for about 8 years in their late teens to mid 20s. However they had their ups and downs and even broke up along the way. He seemed a bit immature and not wanting to rush to get married or have kids,never wanting to leave home,even at 29, so they lived together at his parents home. She said she wanted more from the relationship just before it happened, and wasnt sure about them staying together living at home with his parents. He then went away on a trip after she was pleading with him not to go and died in an accident while away which was quite shocking for her and everyone.I know they disagreed a lot towards the end. In a way I secretly think that sometimes in life things have a funny way of working themselves out, I dont think she was meant to be with her ex partner forever, and he ended up departing from her life anyway as strange as that may sound.I gave some advice at the time after his death to give herself time to grieve, but time to just have fun meeting new people and just going on dates without getting serious right away when she was ready. But she seemed to rush it every time and went through a few guys.She said she had thought about what I said about taking things slow,but couldnt help herself. She said to me yesterday about when I said to her how it has to feel right from the beginning,and she said she feels that, but I didnt want to say thats the honeymoon stage, and we are all in that stage for at least 2 years after we meet someone.......its really all up to her,and I wont be saying a thing. She even said the wedding would be in Aussy, as hes from there which I found odd,she seems to be happy to please him,and is quite taken that he is a little exotic as hes French.....her family are in Vietnam....but shes lived here most of her life and has all her friends here. She said she will send an invite in time,no date set yet as they have only been engaged 2 weeks at present,but it may be hard for her friends to all be buying tickets to Aussy, us included.It's not cheap flying to Aussy from NZ now even though we are only about 3 hours away from there.I just thought wait and see if they even get to a wedding really?? of luck to them, I hope hes nice to her at least. I hope if they dont last its not too heartbreaking for her.

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