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sign August 25th, 2012 10:19 PM

Possessive in-laws
Hi I have 2 issues,I have this sister in-law who cannot accept me as the part of the family. She is visiting us at the moment, she just told me did not ask or anything. At the house she sits by her brother and she is clearly showing me that she does not care about how I feel in my house. I'm so very uncomfortable and angry! When I talk to DH, he does not see it the way I do! I hate being made uncomfortable in my house!Help by advising me on how to behave around her until she leaves!I feel like being passive and mind my kids,not even notice she is there! Let the brother entertain her but am feeling jeoulous already!

2 issue, my hubby is now used to visiting his family without me! His family is like 6 hrs away! It's like his family really enjoys that! I'm feeling even more sidelined now!I know I sound like a confused somebody after deciding not to visit because of the way they treat me!Believe me I feel so confused!Now there is wedding coming for his school friend around his home, he is very excited about going and I know I won't be able to stop him that guy supported us on our wedding as well! Now the challenge is we have 2 kids (3 yrs and 5 months) If he was going to go there alone he was going to use public transport and it was going to be cheaper and if we take the kids we need to take the car which work out very expensive! I was thinking we leave the kids with the nanny for 2days and I go with him to the wedding! But now the problem is my in-laws. Mom-in-law has not seen the baby since he was born I know how sarcastic she will be if we come by without the kids! One day she made it clear that she doesn't care about us, only her grandchildren, the wedding is so close to home can't even suggest not to see them cause neighbours will see us! Financially we can't afford to take the kids with, want to go and show the in-laws am still there!

LucyVanPelt August 26th, 2012 06:23 AM

Re: Possessive in-laws
Both issues are topics with the same core problem-- your DH does not respect you. In your last post, he was bordering on becoming an abusive husband and you were on the way to becoming a battered wife.

Did you seek help for that? It will do you no good to receive temporary treatments for the symptoms while the disease continues to eat away at your marriage.

For example, I'd advise you to tell SIL to go. Would that result in your being thrown out instead? In DH beating you? In SIL and DH laughing at you? I don't now. I can't advise you. Please, please, seek help from a Domestic Violence Hotline.

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