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KayKay September 19th, 2018 11:57 AM

Re: Here we go again with the step mother to be

Originally Posted by rattlesnake (Post 86400)
The reason he should be embarrassed to sign it is because it could never be enforced, and I know him well enough to know he is smart enough to know that.

I totally get that it can never be enforced, and that it's ridiculous. I'm just not sure I'd say that he should be "embarrassed" to sign it. I mean, even though the chance of winning is practically nil, I'm not embarrassed that I buy lottery tickets. ;) Your DS had some reason for signing it that you don't know.

Did your DD send you the document? Have you actually seen it? I keep stumbling over the fact that it ignores the biological mother.

But I'm with Lucy. Drop the rope. You don't have to be in a power struggle with the DIL. You won't lose access to your grandkids because they want to see you, you still have a good relationship with your xDIL and frankly, your DS will always rely on you no matter what your DIL does.

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