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Rphillips52 November 21st, 2017 11:32 AM

The other grandparents
Greetings all. If you've read my previous post on the forum, I mentioned the various relatives that I share my home with. Among them would be the other set of grandparents (daughter's in laws or son in law's parents) depending on who I would be explaining the relationship to hahaha. I may have also alluded to the fact that we may not share the common "co-grandparent" relationship for various reasons with the most obvious one being them staying with us and all four of us playing daily roles in the lives of our two grandkids along with the circumstances of my wife, myself and the other grandparents having already been close friends for a very long time dating back to our teenage years.

However, in the case of our son and his wife who have three kids of their own, our relationship with those in laws would be considered more of the norm. As both sets of parents live in different states you could imagine that visits are few and never simultaneous and contact with the other side is kept at a minimum albeit most of the time unintentionally. My daughter's kids have the tendency to brag to their cousins about how grandpa and grandma along with their gramps and granny are always around. So we decided that for the coming holidays we'd have a first by inviting my son's inlaws over to the house to spend a few days. But I am quite unfamiliar and admittedly a little nervous about how this is going to play out from everything I've been reading on the Internet (seems to paint a picture of competition with both sides treating each other coldly).

I don't know the in laws too well as expected from a more conventional relationship and me not having seen them since our last grandchild was born 4 years ago. And as expected I have no idea how this may play out. As a child dad's parents stayed with us and mum's parents lived about a 15 minutes walk away so both sides would meet every weekend. It was also easier as my siblings and I were the only set of grandkids on both sides.

So I'd like to hear stories of if you've ever had both sets of your grandparents together at a time and how they got along as well as how frequently they would have met. If any of you are grandparents yourselves and have another set on the other side it would be excellent or any experiences between your parents your in laws and your kids could suffice too. As you can see I'm quite eager to hear any response and it would be most appreciated hahaha! Thanks.

KayKay November 21st, 2017 12:34 PM

Re: The other grandparents
I don't have any stories to share with you, but I just wanted to wish you luck and welcome back! :)

I have a feeling it will work out just fine. You seem to be a loving and accepting kind of guy. It would be nice if they stayed with you, but if they didn't want to I'd understand that as well... they probably have their own family holiday traditions that they don't want to abandon.

Cremebrulee November 25th, 2017 08:20 AM

Re: The other grandparents
I have a girlfriend, whose husband's parents separated, divorced and remarried. Both of them. When ever there is a family gathering, including holidays, both sets of parents not only attend, but get along famously, say hello, talk together a bit....and it is very comfortable for everyone. I marvel at it, so much, b/c my son's father and I got along that very same was a very healthy relationship for my son, until he met and married his now wife, who is extremely immature, jealous and needs to be the center of attraction at all times.

It is a shame that we all just cannot get along....never could understand why she hated me so much. She has everything she could ever want...and yet, so jealous of me, and the friendship he and I had? Sad.

She is the one that disliked my son, so much so, she would hit him constantly. It started when he was seven. But the one good thing in my life was, I was able to stop it, with God's help.

anyway, sorry to get off subject, but to all those people who have divorced and can still get along, kudos...

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