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May 5th, 2009, 11:16 AM
KayKay's DD got me thinking... what seems to be the norm for boy/girl relationships?

I had a "boyfriend" all thru Jr. High. We'd eat lunch together, meet at the basketball games, talked on the phone - but NOT a lot, met up at the dances, and went to one movie together (my mom took us), but we never really did anything outside of school (didn't see each other during the summer). We'd hold hands (sometimes) and a kiss on the cheek 1-2 times in 3 years). {this was 30 yrs ago}

May 15th, 2009, 10:30 AM
How did I miss this thread? :confused:

Oh, I know what happened. I have no IDEA what the norm is. :D:o There are kids in DS's class (13-14 years old) who are boyfriend/girlfriend who just walk to class together, and there are kids in DS's class who have had sex with each other.

It seems that the kids in DD's class (12 yo) who are BF/GF are just starting to establish their expectations. Cute Boy asked out Pretty Girl, and now they're too embarrassed to even talk to each other. OTOH, there's the Attention Hog Queen Bee, dating Cool Boy (to make Cute Boy jealous) who is upset that Cool Boy's mom won't let them go to the movies alone together. She can't wait to make out with a boy. :rolleyes:

Different kids have different ideas. :) All I know is that *I* wasn't allowed to even KNOW any boys until I was a freshman in high school, no dates until 16. :p

May 22nd, 2009, 09:17 PM
DD's (12yo) best friend *almost* got her first kiss today from her BF. The BF's dad walked up at an inopportune (or opportune, depending on your viewpoint) moment. She was quite excited to tell me... loudly in front of a few people she barely knows. I did one of those TMI-freak-outs and said (in the freaking out over-protective mom way, laughing about it) "Oh, I don't want to hear this...." Told her that her Mom would want to hear the story first, as I walked off. :rolleyes:

I told DD later to tell her friend to not kiss-and-tell, or else it'll ruin her reputation, but that I was flattered that she wanted me to know. http://bestsmileys.com/sick/9.gif