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  1. Did your best friend say or do something that ended your friendship?
  2. Real Friendships
  3. Acquaintances you'd rather not be friends with
  4. What would you do?
  5. The Drama Du Jour
  6. On the plus side...
  7. Wedding shower gift?
  8. Getting back at the Mean Girls
  9. Second chance?
  10. Good neighbors?
  11. friend?
  12. When best friends fail
  13. Would anyone else be annoyed?
  14. I need ideas!
  15. Is this rude?
  16. Confronting the fact that you'd be a bad friend.
  17. S/O I'm a bad friend
  18. Two friends breaking up with each other over some girl online.
  19. Cottage at friends
  20. Feeling bad for a "coworker"
  21. Friends at New Places
  22. Former friend
  23. I'm aggravated.
  24. My best friend's issue (sorry this is long)
  25. This isn't a friend, but thought this the best place
  26. Breaking up with Friends
  27. My clinical buddie is driving me crazy
  28. Ughhhh... My neighbors.
  29. cheapskate friend?
  30. Friend who never compliments or praises
  31. At the end of my rope. Please help.
  32. Degrees of Separation between Friends
  33. What is wrong with me?
  34. Am I not cut out to have friends?
  35. Sooo...I went to the party...
  36. Telephone Etiquette
  37. Friend is a user but I still have to work with him
  38. Ex- Girl Friend/ Boy Friend
  39. sometimes it takes isolation...
  40. My laughter echoed through the neighborhood
  41. Is this friendship?
  42. My BFF is crazy
  43. help making friends
  44. Need Relationship Advice
  45. Need advice
  46. Any opinions would be appriciated:]
  47. I don't fit in?
  48. She is 36 and still uses "Mum made me" excuse
  49. need some friendship advise
  50. Is this Normal
  51. I fell i have no friends since what happened
  52. BEST exFRIENDS???
  53. C'Mon Karma... where ARE you?
  54. In the name of friendship...
  55. She's a Super Star (clinical buddy)
  56. She's gotten so negative.
  57. Getting Back at the Jerk(s)
  58. Guess who I ran in to
  59. Speaking of ex's
  60. She just won't quit!
  61. Neighbors
  62. Urgent advise needed
  63. Suicide Recovery & Narcissistic Friends
  64. Friends who only call with their problems?
  65. Attention Hogs
  66. Is this appropriate???
  67. Debate for the sake of Debate
  68. for KayKay about friends
  69. Best friend (more like ex and maybe not at all even more but trying)
  70. Adult female friendship advice
  71. How do I stop envying her?
  72. Betrayed by friends (couple)
  73. I am hurting for my friend
  74. A Friend In Need not a Friend at all
  75. Since you're home all day...
  76. confused
  77. Fool me once?
  78. I am worried about an older friend
  79. I can answer for myself, thank you.
  80. I swear I couldn't make this stuff up!
  81. Spinoff of "I swear"
  82. An alternate reality
  83. Please, somebody save me from the gossips!
  84. emotionally out of orbit
  85. ratted out a former friend (maybe)
  86. advice for 2 friends; detained and fined
  87. fear of crying keeping me back..
  88. Card games and new friends
  89. I have absolutely no friends is anyone else in the same boat?
  90. Good friends
  91. lodger stealing my food
  92. Friends to enemies, now reconciled friends.
  93. Lonely Forever
  94. Funny how when YOU need something...
  95. anger + jealously
  96. Anti-social poster makes a new friend!
  97. Have I messed up with my friend? (I'd prefer a female perspective)?
  98. What should I expect?
  99. I'm really at risk of losing one of my closest friends and I could do with some help
  100. Good friend let out my secrets and spread rumours!
  101. What does being emotionally dependent mean?
  102. A close friend I'm really fond of is about to cut me out of her life and I need advic
  103. Am I being a cow?
  104. Friends
  105. Friend abuse
  106. What is Wrong With Me?
  107. Anxiety attacks
  108. HOW do you make friends??
  109. compliments+encouragement
  110. Baby's Daddy..
  111. Advice please needed
  112. Am I in the wrong?
  113. Friendship drama (a really long post)
  114. Neighborhood block party
  115. First time really opening up about it
  116. friends at work
  117. Girl at work
  118. what should i do? Please help!
  119. BF's husband starting to annoy me
  120. Two issues in one...
  121. Circle of friends
  122. Old enemies, new friends?
  123. A Friend what likes what I Like
  124. How to Deal with a Needy Friend
  125. Losing a very important best friend
  126. Strange... (long text,sorry)
  127. can you just remember the good things..
  128. at my wits end
  129. Can I really trust my EX's sister?? Suspicious behaviour...
  130. Im I really just jelouse about my my bff?
  131. Moral dilemma
  132. She's not putting any effort into the friendship. What should I do?
  133. What do you think?
  134. Making Up With My Best Friend
  135. What to make of all this
  136. Friends and other Issues
  137. What is happening with me and my friend
  138. My Ex Friend Story...
  139. How would you describe this girl's personality?
  140. Oww, my eyes!
  141. feel like friend has rejected me
  142. can I be friends with my boss?
  143. How do you deal with a friend who doesn't care?
  144. I really dont know what to do....
  145. How can I tell her that I want to remain friends?
  146. Best friend/roommate wont get a job
  147. Let sleeping dogs lie?
  148. Should we move forward or should I move on?
  149. This girl i know..
  150. letting her go..
  151. Brothers friend...why does he do this?
  152. Trying to get lost friendship back...
  153. Advice please!
  154. Friends in uni
  155. Ta-DAAAAA!
  156. I can't figure her out ? Advice, please.
  157. 5 month friendship
  158. I feel like my best friend is replacing me
  159. No Friends
  160. I'm a bit worried for my friend
  161. I'm a bit worried about my friend #2
  162. long post, but help seriously needed!
  163. Neighbors, please leave me alone!
  164. I hate saying no, but I feel like I'm being taken advantage of...
  165. Unfriend on Facebook?
  166. How can I indirectly ask if she really wants me to stay or go?
  167. A long story condensed, any thoughts?
  168. Friend acting strange and walking away?
  169. 24yo male; never had close/longlasting friends
  170. Caught in the Middle
  171. Any ideas as to what is going on with my best friend?
  172. I miss my friends!
  173. Would you trust her again?
  174. Boyfriend's bad friends.
  175. How do I talk to this friend?
  176. Best Friend Trouble...
  177. "Friend" with very awkward tension
  178. My best friend, whom I'm in love with, has changed into a completely different person
  179. Friend's behavior very contradicting and confusing, advice?
  180. I'm glad I'm not dating!
  181. What to do with this guy (Long and slightly Marxist)
  182. Want to be friends again
  183. 2 Toxic Ex Friends Now Wanting to "Infect" My New Circle
  184. How can I help my friend from his other friends "corrupting" him?
  185. Passive-aggressive
  186. ways to improve this friendship
  187. Has too much gone on?
  188. Ex-Girlfriend now ruining relationship with best friend
  189. Guy-friend has girlfriend
  190. Horribly Betrayed
  191. What do you think Friendship means to you?
  192. Not sure how to handle this anymore
  193. depression
  194. How do I know what I can share with friends?
  195. How stop being jealous with best friend?
  196. This is why she's my BF
  197. Outgrown friends?
  198. toxic friend, advice?
  199. Should I be the one to fix things? I need advice asap
  200. Friend Dilemma-Please Help!
  201. Not sure why my bff decided to hurt me...
  202. Should i tolerate my friend treating me like this and do i have an obligation to her?
  203. What do i do about her?
  204. Should I get over myself and be the bigger person?
  205. My best friend is addicted to pot
  206. Friendship
  207. Should I ask or should I ignore them?
  208. Why did he get so weird?? And why does this keep happening to me???
  209. Do I cut my losses and forget about it?
  210. Uggggh.. do you think he thinks I did this on purpose??
  211. Do i just cut her out of my life or wait?
  212. No friends
  213. No friends
  214. Guy doesnt think I respect myself because I paid for a trip
  215. Please someone write me a suitable reply to this message i received from a girl?
  216. Over-reaction, or am I justifiably upset?
  217. Please Help, Tormenting for me with a friend
  218. is she taking advantage of me.. what to do?
  219. Inconsiderate Friends.
  220. Losing my best friend
  221. she won't leave me alone! What do i do?
  222. When old friendship becomes one-sided
  223. Confused about our friendship
  224. Annoyed by a friend....
  225. My Best Friend of 44 Years
  226. Feeling alone (all friends have boyfriends) and having issues with a good friend.
  227. why has my best friend cut me out??
  228. Best friend being too paranoid...
  229. Worried about my best friend
  230. How 'bout me?
  231. falling for him
  232. Compuers and Electronics
  233. Is it me or them?HONEST advice please
  234. Need some advice... :/
  235. new friends
  236. I don't know what to do about my friend?
  237. It's been eating me up and I don't know what to do!
  238. Terrible depression, help feel like I'm losing my mind and my life
  239. Being used?
  240. Growing Apart
  241. Christmas Gifts & Friendship: AWKWARD situation: Advice Apreciated!
  242. Am I being unreasonable for feeling this way?
  243. My friend and her daughters
  244. Help!!! My roommate and I are polar opposites!!!
  245. Reaching Out to Broken Friendships
  246. Best friend doesn't get it...won't drop it
  247. Previous friendship that I miss but at what cost?
  248. RE:Best friend doesn't get it
  249. What am I doing wrong?
  250. Would you ignore a lazy friend who has poor social skills?