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  1. Step Brother and Sister
  2. Saddened Grandmother
  3. An interesting development...
  4. Building a better relationship with SD
  5. Call from ex's new girlfriend
  6. A little bit of a dilemma
  7. Does your SO make you the bad guy?
  8. Afraid of the step:
  9. stepmom remarrying
  10. I'm the wicked Step-mother
  11. What to do about additional family ?
  12. Well the Wedding went as planned
  13. Should she pay half
  14. S/O of Should they pay
  15. I have to ask permission for my son to spend the night!!!
  16. Snafu - is this you???
  17. His, Her's, & Their's
  18. disrespectful step son
  19. bad step-mom
  20. Not Inviting 18 Year Old Estranged Step-Daughter to Our Wedding...
  21. Mouring the could have beens.....
  22. you could of knocked me over
  23. disengaging
  24. disengaging-reprise
  25. Parents divorced, mom's new boyfriend, problem.
  26. Wedding invite etiquette
  27. She hates me
  28. 14 year old manipulative stepson!!!!!
  29. how to act towards 19 yo stepdaughter about to enlist
  30. Bad StepMom 2
  31. prep for DSD at home
  32. How to get my step mother off alcohol? Or at least keep me sane!
  33. Money, husband, and stepson
  34. SD7's doing two very annoying things! Advice please?
  35. step child & father
  36. How do I discourage the regular sleepovers ?
  37. Out of control stepson
  38. not a blended family, more like puree'd
  39. Step parent troubles
  40. Childs best interest?
  41. Stuck in the middle
  42. newbie
  43. not consistent
  44. Help
  45. Our family is broken
  46. Attila vs Gandhi
  47. Lazy, irresponsible stepfather.
  48. new step family
  49. Question about fairness among children
  50. How do I help my stepson with his attitude?
  51. Question
  52. gift help
  53. Problems with my Dad and Step-Mom
  54. parenting time
  55. Unannounced Adult Step kids stopping over
  56. I don't feel he puts enough effort in with my son
  57. Broken relationship with stepsister
  58. Sudden anger at my mother?
  59. Step Sibling conflict
  60. need a shoulder to cry on
  61. How to explain family to daughter
  62. Bugged by Christmas letter
  63. I need another opinion
  64. I think they all hate me!
  65. how to kick out step daughter
  66. Back to it with Dad
  67. Can't stand being around stepson
  68. DS prefers ex's for holidays
  69. Hard time of year
  70. Dont know what to do
  71. DSD and me
  72. Right or wrong and what to do?
  73. Can't take much more
  74. Were We Snubbed at StepFiL's Funeral?
  75. Is it appropriate for a married man to be with his ex-wife so frequently?