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  1. "Breaking Up" with my parents
  2. What's up with this?
  3. DM-hospitaized again
  4. About Dad.
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  6. My DM's long journey
  7. separated parents causing me pain
  8. My experiences with my parents
  9. Here we go again
  10. indifferent
  11. Getting my Dad back.
  12. car trouble
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  14. my mommy
  15. appreciate 'em before they're gone
  16. Need suggestion for family therapy in San Diego
  17. Conflict Teachers VS Parents
  18. Mother with issues
  19. Dysfunctional family
  20. And we're off!
  21. parent pressure when I'm nearly 40??!!
  22. we'll always be children on some level
  23. I hate my mother.
  24. advice again please feeling quite depressed with this
  25. How to deal with this?
  26. My dad has passed
  27. Controlled by parents at 44 should i go?
  28. Can I hire a lawyer for this?
  29. Problem with mother
  30. would you be upset???
  31. Is this very odd?
  32. Feeling guilty, should I?
  33. Is this really abnormal too
  34. Terrible problems
  35. Question to mothers out there...
  36. I confronted my mother
  37. conversation topics
  38. Impossible situation. Two more years seems like 200
  39. Just need to vent
  40. Oh. . . Mother!
  41. Controlling Parents Hurting My Relationship
  42. Is it worth giving my dad another chance after i told him he was dead to me?
  43. Full time student, Not elegible to work and Mum is furious because of drinking ?
  44. Teens Driving? Scary
  45. I need to get my parents to allow my GF to come on holiday with me
  46. Just in case y'all wonder where I get the smartass from.....
  47. Would you be able to forgive a parent for this?
  48. Caring for Aging Parents
  49. On the brink
  50. Controlling parents, please help
  51. You guys have any reads for parenting?
  52. Estranged from my Mother--Advice Welcome!
  53. Discussing wedding plans with parents
  54. Stressed out with Parents
  55. Daughter wants to move - Mom doesn't want her to
  56. Is it really possible for someone to "take my daughter/son away"?
  57. Looking for others thoughts...
  58. The favourite grandchild
  59. Really, really overbearing mother
  60. Parents and guilt trips
  61. funeral planning
  62. Sexually molested by father as a teenager
  63. Parenting License
  64. A mothers love?
  65. Dad hates me
  66. Overprotective, controlling dad...
  67. I am fed up with my Parents and not understanding what to do
  68. ? too old to drive?
  69. Over-controlling and micromanaging dad...how do I deal with it for the time being?
  70. Pathetic Dad
  71. Mother is kicking me out???
  72. Frustrated
  73. Mother sabotages my life
  74. Parent Support and my girl friend
  75. How to convince my parents to give me responsability and let me stay home alone?
  76. New here....crap has hit the fan.
  77. lost dad now found now mother disowned me
  78. Should I visit my mom in jail? Does she have the right to tell me what to do anymore?
  79. Dad Problems
  80. My parents kicked me out for travelling with my boyfriend
  81. My father does not acknowledge his adult children
  82. Mother dominates conversation with same old stories
  83. Overbearing, controlling parents
  84. Breaking Ties with Parents
  85. My brother is taking advantage of my father (and me)
  86. My parents don't let me...
  87. My parents really love money. Please advise and help me!
  88. Dad Issues
  89. Family
  90. Dealing with difficult mother
  91. My mom is moving!! I am losing my best friend!
  92. Aging mother is becoming a recluse and is succumbing to depression
  93. Elderly Father Needs Help, I need Advice
  94. controlling mother
  95. Im in deep
  96. Hoarding
  97. My mom betrayed me and cheated on my dad.
  98. Controlling parents
  99. Adjusting to dad's retirement
  100. My father hates me
  101. What have I done!
  102. Is it OK to send a card to someone in jail? Also is this feeling weird?
  103. Feel Awful - Argument With My Father
  104. Manipulative controlling asian father
  105. Parent in denial.
  106. General thoughts need about my mum (bit long, slight rant)
  107. Emotionally manipulative, "leech" of a mother.
  108. Controling Mother at Age 40
  109. Forgotten Birthday
  110. Paranoid/overcontrolling parents
  111. My mom that works in other country
  112. relationship struggles between me and my mother
  113. how should I interact with my mom when she gets out of jail? What questions should I
  114. I want to violently murder my own mother.
  115. What would you do if you know that your Momís cheating?
  116. I just exploded with frustration at my mollycoddling mother and I feel much better.
  117. good visit
  118. Stubborn, controlling mother
  119. Mom ignoring me, don't know why and can't talk to her
  120. What the heck is wrong with my mother?
  121. Feeling torn with family dynamic issues
  122. How can I help my Mom?
  123. I want to be treated like a daughter.
  124. Urgent, urgent
  125. Am I an awful person?
  126. Family on the road survey :)
  127. Does it really matter?
  128. Violating Caregiver Preference
  129. Should I continue a relationship with my mother?
  130. Mama drama. Need perspective!
  131. Dad Problems
  132. Mom Nightmares
  133. Close to breaking point because of awful mother.
  134. About to graduate college, considering moving out of very overbearing household.
  135. Parents weird behaviour and forced marriage
  136. I'll never .....
  137. fun time with mom
  138. My GODFATHER may be my REAL DAD!!! Any advice please!!!
  139. best way to tell my parents.
  140. Father's social activities are destroying my social life, what to do?
  141. problems between me and my mom
  142. uh, mom ... no
  143. Help with processing a family conflict situation
  144. BIG argument please help!
  145. need opinions please father problem
  146. Weird conditions for inheriting parents properties
  147. Introduce to you new cell phone application
  148. Phone calls for money
  149. What To Do
  150. Searching for French education in Toronto
  151. My mother is using facebook to stalk the guy Im dating?!
  152. Mom and Dad always disrespects each other.
  153. 18 years later, my dad wants to see me...
  154. Awkward long car trip :S
  155. Parents are invasive & smothering, I'm an independent introvert...help!
  156. Impossible MOTHER - PLEASE HELP
  157. problem dad
  158. About to be kicked out
  159. Another fight with my mom
  160. Is it really so bad to hate your mother??
  161. Anxiety about visit
  162. my kid getting faint in class room
  163. Have anyone has the experience of being a lasting power of attorney
  164. Selfish Mother, cheated on my Dad
  165. I hate my father with a passion. Any advice on how to deal with it?
  166. DM and assisted living/living w\snafu
  167. Cheating parent.
  168. Guilt over aging parents and the future
  169. Neglecting Children and Favourite Child?
  170. Parents would you want to know
  171. father has a drinking problem
  172. i hate my mom sometimes
  173. Family dilemma
  174. Asking for money back?
  175. My mom is being mean for a small reason?
  176. I can`t believe my dad did this!! Help! I am gonna get crazy
  177. Mom moving in. How to say no?
  178. How to deal with my mother?
  179. Family take me for granted
  180. It's not a competition, but...
  181. What would you choose?
  182. Can teenagers be good parents?
  183. My Parents are suffering because of my brother's stupid attitude
  184. I think my mother damaged me
  185. I'm sad and hurt
  186. Activities for homebound elders
  187. arrrgggg! DM
  188. My mother hates my brothers girlfriend
  189. Need opinions about my situation with my parents!! Please help
  190. Parents Money and brother
  191. Help me please!!
  192. Adult family living with parents & $ problems! Help!
  193. Sister and mom still living with me after trauma
  194. Is it normal to look to other people as parents as an adult?
  195. 53 year old mom acts like defiant spoiled teenager
  196. Worried About My Mom - Help?
  197. I canít stand my mom. Help.
  198. Mother Wasting Away
  199. Fixed marriage?
  200. Moooom - arg
  201. I think my mom might be jealous of my new relationship
  202. Mum fell
  203. My kids, My mother and Step Dad... ugh