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  1. What is Your Spouse's Worst Flaw?
  2. What attracted you to your spouse?
  3. Hunting Widow...
  4. Who in your home is the collector or hoarder?
  5. Last names
  6. Spouse is Homework Obstacle
  7. How do you keep your marriage healthy and thriving?
  8. Propasals
  9. Weight issues
  10. Does your SO have memory issues?
  11. What is your spouses BEST trait?
  12. Update on DH's grief issue(s)
  13. Breaking up is hard to do
  14. Who would you choose?
  15. My husband is a horrible gift giver.
  16. Dh was a little upset this morning, lol
  17. Do you and your spouse keep secrets
  18. DH
  19. My husband, the romantic.
  20. Just Bragging-- wanna brag with me?
  21. Need Ex GF advice
  22. He asked for a list but .....
  23. I'm leaving DH
  24. Husband, wife, mistress...
  25. Going to kill husband instead of son, now....
  26. DH threw out DS1' tooth that came out
  27. Father-son bonding
  28. Husband Appreciation Day
  29. Oh no... not that again...
  30. The magazine no wife wants her husband to subscribe to...
  31. Iraq & Back....HE'S HOME
  32. Babying your spouse
  33. Returning the favor
  34. Husband Doesn't Buy Me Gifts
  35. DH's surprise
  36. Just eat the dang chicken.
  37. Nagging
  38. advice needed
  39. Equal? Hah!
  40. Independent streaks?
  41. From the "Watch It Or You're Going to Be an Ex" Files
  42. Feeling a little Ticked off
  43. husbands drinking is getting to much me
  44. He's trying... how long can I hang on to hope?
  45. How did you meet your spouse ?
  46. Is your SO your one, true love?
  47. Now I've done it
  48. New chance after being betrayed?
  49. Parenting together-Do you step on each others toes?
  50. I need to kick his hiney...
  51. wants my son to be a guest...
  52. Oops. How embarrassing. Today is our anniversary.
  53. left alone
  54. Sometimes that man drives me nuts.
  55. Flying out Sunday... basket case
  56. I found out a new chance after being betrayed
  57. Cookie Hog strikes again
  58. Should I spill the beans on cheater?
  59. am i over reacting?
  60. scared to love again
  61. Support groups???
  62. DH
  63. Should I call it quits?
  64. Tell me again why I should be grateful
  65. Dieting with DH
  66. need marriage advise
  67. Have I been naive
  68. At least it'll be easy to hide the body...
  69. I am in love
  70. Am I making to much of this?
  71. I want to have a baby, but he doesn't...
  72. What should I do with a laughing hubby ??
  73. Not Sure Where to Start!
  74. He's not ready, but I am.
  75. He's not ready for a baby...what should I do?
  76. lost
  77. Oops...I've been bad
  78. Need relationship help/advice please!
  79. My favorite story as of late (made me cry)
  80. Jealousy issues
  81. How long does it take?
  82. Don't know if I'm coming or going
  83. Do you buy your spouse's clothes for them?
  84. The ugliest item of clothing?
  85. any input would be appreciated!!!!
  86. Need advice please help any imput
  87. Wedding jitters?
  88. never satisfied
  89. Internet/emotional affair-please help!
  90. Men's plans?
  91. Men are from Mars....
  92. A renamed thread
  93. Vacationing without your spouse?
  94. Father's Day
  95. Just wanted an opinion...
  96. Oops - I was snoty
  97. Should my Husband Go to the Wedding?
  98. responsibilities of your husband.
  99. Another renamed thread
  100. Coincidence or fate?
  101. Why can't men just leave a message?
  102. Apologies
  103. Things you love about your SO
  104. Possessive of my assets to my Husband's family
  105. What am I, the Weather Channel?
  106. This gave me a chuckle
  107. Threatned by the stuff my DH watches
  108. My Thanksgiving Turkey
  109. DH cracks me up
  110. memorable compliments
  111. Now I know how DH felt...
  112. Those three magic little words
  113. Our DHs/ SOs & maintaince
  114. DH is a great "nursemaid"
  115. anniversey
  116. Its not DH's fault, but help me not kill him
  117. My husband and daughter forgot my birthday today....
  118. Valentine's Day
  119. I would never make my DH do....
  120. I take care of my man.
  121. Mens Brains vs Womens Brains
  122. Tip to the socially clueless, i.e. husbands:
  123. Hobbies
  124. 9 Million from Mistress..what kind of woman..
  125. Things you learned from your SO
  126. I hate it when he's right
  127. What are you doing for father's day?
  128. Its not his fault: Part 2
  129. At my wits end
  130. DH went thru the roof
  131. I feel so foolish
  132. DH is my hero
  133. Would you be irritated?
  134. "Where's my wife & ...
  135. date night
  136. The perfect gift for hubby for the holidays
  137. First date with SO
  138. I don,t know what to do
  139. What to do?
  140. Cant stop the trears
  141. Cant stop the trears
  142. Husband confronted about lying, now considering divorce
  143. The price we pay for Alcoholism in the Family
  144. Is this ok for a wife to email
  145. what would you do?
  146. is he cheating or not? Please give me your thoughts
  147. My husband has never gotten me a gift
  148. Should I send an Email?
  149. Ewww, that's just like a man!
  150. Really?
  151. What do you think?
  152. desperately needs advice
  153. Need advice non family/friends...
  154. have you seen my wife
  155. taboo topics
  156. New here and REALLY need your advice please!
  157. Change of Heart... Runaway Bride!!
  158. Fiance is pathological liar
  159. Am I a being used?
  160. Getting married next week. No longer think I should. HELP!!!
  161. I got rid of the man but I still have the bugs!
  162. Mama's boy?
  163. Ex-girlfriend (daughter's Mom) thinks I should move home.
  164. I need some space.
  165. Hurt and confused.
  166. just need help.
  167. Stupid question...
  168. Drained!!!!
  169. Can't take it anymore.
  170. Should I call it off?
  171. Need Help Motivating Significant Other
  172. Boundaries with friends
  173. to all men out there.. need your help and advice!
  174. update?
  175. My husband loves our daughter more than me, She is causing problems between us! Advic
  176. Thinking about leaving.....
  177. So Conflicted, can anyone help?
  178. Well. He left.
  179. Honey, we need new towels.
  180. How did you meet any SO?
  181. Picture-thread: you and your partner..
  182. Need Advice Please. Spouse and Former Inlaw drama
  183. I'm not waiting anymore!
  184. laundry
  185. X-mas gifts for SO
  186. advice about marrying
  187. DH and his DD
  188. Why use pruning shears...
  189. DH and our finances!
  190. Ex girlfriend
  191. can't do ___ with SO
  192. how do I stop myself...
  193. Should I tell him???
  194. update on Mr Unsuitable
  195. What should I do, so lost and sad!!
  196. money marriage and gifts?
  197. Career or marriage.Need to grow in both
  198. Scholarship tantrums!
  199. Diabetes
  200. 3rd Wedding Anniversary
  201. It was a dark and stormy morning
  202. Setting a Time Limit
  203. Would u stay?
  204. What's your favorite thing to do with SO?
  205. Words I am nervous of saying...
  206. Undecided About My Marriage
  207. Should I Be A Stay At Home Wife? No kids. Sort of!
  208. DH likes 'em tall, thin, and leggy
  209. "Your" song
  210. My husband had an affair and had a child, how do i deal with that?
  211. anni planning
  212. Did she act inappropriately
  213. Weekends
  214. household work
  215. A common dilemma... but which path is more honorable?
  216. Just want a passive marriage
  217. 20-something opinions wanted... how are things in the dating world today?
  218. Is being with the man i love worth the risk of losing him?
  219. Guys... two questions about no-strings sex...
  220. To the cheating men out there who hold a double-standard about it....
  221. Husband and I "broke up"
  222. How to know if you have fallen out of love with your wife?
  223. Separation= stronger marriage or divorce?
  224. what does it mean?
  225. I've got it! I'll talk to his mom :)))
  226. Last time I'm talking about him :)
  227. My husband and best friend absolutely hate each other, Advice?
  228. How do I get my wife to try?
  229. Shutting down during an argument and emotional distance
  230. Man flu!
  231. Will I get a present this Christmas
  232. My husband cheated on me & just discovered the other woman is 30 weeks pregnant
  233. So betrayed!
  234. sick SO
  235. What a mess...
  236. Top 10 Marriage Mistakes
  237. Emotional Abandonment: Shut out by your spouse.
  238. Am I Good Enough?
  239. WARNING!!! It's a really long post!
  240. some insight for my wife.. on my wife
  241. moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  242. DH = good guy
  243. Planning a first anniversary (marriage)
  244. The dance
  245. Help!!!
  246. Protecting marriage or controlling?
  247. Trapped in a Rolling Coffin!
  248. Blending two families
  249. Who do you love more ,your spouse or kids
  250. child out of wedlock with partner who cheated